This Site is the home base for The Paleo Diet and Lifestyle in Houston, TX as well as a Different Perspective on wellness for anyone who cares to stop.

The Paleo Diet

…Is based off what our species consumed over the larger part of our history, prior to the Agricultural Revolution, prior to Western Diseases. WHY? Because prior to the Agriculture Revolution the fossil record shows we had a much healthier existence, even amazing teeth (without Crest).

Think about it like this: The majority of what you find on your plate has only been around since 1970’s. I am sure if you ask your parents or grandparents about the types of foods in grocery stores they would agree they are very new. Since 1950 there have been huge government and corporate influence on what we eat and what we view as “healthy”. Humans have been eating Meats, Organs, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Roots, and Tubers for hundreds of thousands of years. So what we have been consuming is only a blink of time. Want proof? Step inside a hospital. This Western Diet is not helping anyone.

The Paleo Lifestyle

This part is not to mimic how our ancestors acted or lived in it’s entirety. Instead, it is to take an honest look around us and realize our environment is what makes us unhealthy, those we associate with, our daily activities, our food, etc. The Lifestyle is: move around, lift heavy things, identify and minimize the stresses, SLEEP, and love.


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Instead of listening to me, check out the video below for a quick overview:

Paleo in a Nutshell