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Want a reason to understand much of what we are told about health is total BS and much of the research is BS not real science? Here ya go! The headline RED MEAT KILLS AGAIN hit the scene last week and now that the dust has settled we can see the reality of the situation.

See the article HERE

See the full journal study in Nature Medicine

What does this mean? They are saying when red meat is digested the bacteria in our gut produce TMAO which promote heart disease.

What you need to know is below. Please read about how and why the above headline is BS and you don’t need to worry.

FORBES- Is Red Meat a Fish Story?


Anthony Colpo – Bullshit Study of the Year


Understand Nutrition – Review of the TMAO Heart Disease Study


Human Food Project – From Meat to Microbes


If you want to learn more about RED MEAT look through this great resource.

Chris Kresser – The Red Meat Report

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