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Mummies and Heart Disease!

You may have seen the Headline that distorts a study about mummies and health.

See it HERE

Basically, the tone is this – mummies had heart disease so the “paleo” diet or any diet that simulates our ancestors will also lead you to heart disease.

  • The mummies are only 4000 years old.
  • They ate grains and lots of carbs – look at the study
  • Many other lifestyle factors play a role.
  • None of them ate the diet we prescribe here.
  • Atherosclerosis does not always lead to these diseases.

The STUDY IS RIGHT HERE for free in the Lancet. If you read through it you will simply see how awful the media is at reporting science or any skeptical theme.

Please look at Melissa‘s blog, HUNT GATHER LOVE, for much more detail. She does a great job

And that atherosclerosis is a complex condition that does not always lead to disease. In studies of forager-horticulturalists like the Kitavans (who smoke like chimneys, though cigarettes are probably less unhealthy that arctic cooking fires, which produce coal-miner-like lungs) it has simply been assumed they did not have high rates of atherosclerosis because they did not have high levels of diseases associated with the condition, but in reality this might not be the case because atherosclerosis does not always lead to these diseases…But if anything, this study shows the need to not assume atherosclerosis is low just because disease is low. Since there are few relevant studies even on different Western dieters, it’s hard to say if there exists a diet that can possibly prevent this condition.


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