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The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

That is the title of a great NYTimes article.

Check it out HERE

Many people think it is ok to have a few chips or a soda now and then. Why not, right? Well, those foods are highly addictive and for 99% of humans it’s almost impossible to only have one. You know the normal story – “before I knew it, I had finished the whole bag…” There is a reason to that. You can’t sit and eat a whole bag of carrots unless you put effort into it, or too much protein. Your brain doesn’t go crazy saying “more, more, more”; eventually your brain turns off. Remember, there is no ceiling for carbs, sugar, and processed chemical-foods.

Personally, I don’t like to be lied to or be a part of the disgusting practices of these companies. Eating their food would be giving them my money and time. I am not saying some of them don’t taste good, they are engineered to taste good, I am saying they are not worth it. I’d rather fast for 24 hours than eat a bag of Doritos or drink a soda. There are tons of documentaries, studies, books, and article that point out the addiction of foods. Many of them are on this blog. Wise up and don’t fall to these companies/foods and their negative results. Doesn’t it worry/anger you that these companies spend millions of $ every year to get you addicted and not to help you stay healthy? WAKE UP.


Seriously, it is not your fault that you are obese and sick. These companies and government policies are literally making it very hard for  you, if not forcing you, to be sick. I am here to wake you up. The whole paleo community is! Get away from these evil companies.

Many people that detox sugar/coffee/other stimulants and a paleo diet report mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. This is a giant red flag – if you keep eating these foods (chips, soda, sugars, wheat) you will no longer have will power. These foods over ride your brain and force you to need them. This never happens when you eat meat, fish, eggs, veggies, nuts, seeds, little fruit, little starch.

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