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Way Beyond Weight

A new documentary about global childhood obesity.

There is a problem on human race, a heavy one. Worldwide, kids are heavier than they should. And unhealthy. From Brazil to Kuwait, the levels of childhood obesity are outstandingly high. “Why are kids carrying this extra weight? The industry, the marketers, the parents, the governments. Who is responsible for raising a healthy child?”.”Beyond Weight” is a movie that seeks to answer those questions in depth. It interviewed families, kids and specialists from all over the world.



We wouldn’t want our children to become addicted to a drug or alcohol. So why would we allow them to be addicted to sugar and carbohydrates?

It’s not about the calories or the exercise level. The problem centers around the abuse of sugar, carbohydrates, processed foods, and other FRANKEN-FOODS.


As parents you must understand that children need to be told no and controlled. Do not give in. Don’t allow those foods in the house. Bake a paleo friendly cake or cookie or get the others ones only on special occasions. BE A PARENT. As a parent you have responsibility. In many of these other countries they need to only turn to their diet of a few decades ago, before they were bombarded with processed “western” foods. Eat your historic diet.

Do you think a paleo diet/lifestyle would benefit these children?

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