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Supplement Lies Vit-D


This hit headlines today. This is nothing new to those that know about the supplement industry.

Basically, the Vit-D supplements didn’t contain what was on the label. Many other supplements fall into this category as well. No one needs to be honest on their label because there is no consequence for lying. The supplement industry focuses on two main themes

1) You are not getting enough of the vitamins and minerals you need.

  • This is true. But you don’t need to take a pill. You need to look at your sleep, your stress, and the food on your plate. If you eat a Paleo diet you are getting plenty of great nutrients. Don’t fall into the incorrect theory that you need to be perfectly balanced with every mineral and nutrient.
  • Throw away your daily multivitamin. You are wasting your money. Most of those nutrients your body can make on it’s own (when it is not inflamed and loaded with sugar). There is not perfect ratio of how much you need of riboflavin or any nutrient for that matter. No human has ever been perfectly full on minerals and vitamins. Supplements often time overload you body and seldom work. Many of the “daily recommendations” are wrong and a guess.
  • Be happy. Lower Stress. Get some sleep. Eat only meat, eggs, raw dairy products, fish, nuts, seeds, little starch, veggies, and fruit.

2) You need this super food to live longer and better.

  • Simply a marketing trick. The only super food on the planet is a health animal. If you had to survive and thrive in nature a goji berry wouldn’t help – a healthy fatty animal would.
  • Happiness, a paleo diet, and low stress levels are the only things that will help you live longer.

The lesson here is don’t give into the scams and waste your money. Save that money and put it toward a healthy animal and plant based diet.

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