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Responsibility as a Parent

Think about it from this perspective: before modern civilization and the life we know now, which is void of natures harsh rules, parents served the most valuable mentor to children. The main and most important goal of a parent was to teach their child how to survive in a ruthless world that shows no mercy. Granted we don’t live in a jungle or on the plains any more, but we still must learn to survive in our own man-made jungle.

For instance:

Your parents would have told you what to eat and what not to eat in order to stay alive and thrive. Don’t eat the poisonous berries and vegetation. Watch out for other predators. Make sure to drink water and find good sources of water. Find a safe place to sleep. Treat other animals with respect. Learn how to become A PART of their environment instead of divorcing themselves from it and abusing it.

Today you, as a parent, have the same role. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO SURVIVE and THRIVE in their ENVIRONMENT. Stay away from the poisonous sugars, coke products, processed grains, chemicals, etc. Teach them how their body works to be healthy and how treating it poorly results in injury and disease. Teach them why sleep is vitally important, especially without any lights or TV’s on in the same room. (of course a night light for a scared little one is necessary some times). Explain to them how to stay out of harms way (other predators). How to wash and heal a cut or wound. Where does your water come from and why is it better than the coke? YOU are the first and most important barrier between them and good or bad choices/mistakes. Please start acting like real parents and take up the necessary responsibility to help our species evolve, not devolve.

You can PREVENT many diseases by choosing what you eat and what you do. Don’t be a bad example to your child, they deserve better. As a species we want BETTER genetics to be passed onto future generations; not sick, disease wired, and obese genetics.

If you are a parent on the verge of life threatening disease and don’t change your lifestyle/diet to be healthier for your family – YOU ARE THE OPPOSITE DEFINITION OF A  PARENT AND FAMILY MEMBER. In a clan setting everyone has to work together to thrive together. Help each other stay away from sickness and disease so there is a larger gene pool to carry on. Today it is the same. Change your lifestyle now. It is YOU that created your sickness. Don’t BLAME your ailments on anyone else but yourself. RESPONSIBILITY. Your Type 2 Diabetes didn’t just magically happen over night. It is the result of your continued harmful lifestyle that hurt you. WAKE UP AND CHANGE IT. You will be an inspiration to your friends and most importantly to your children and wife/husband. It is never too late.

All I am asking you to do is be a better parent. Make the hard choices. Take the right turns.

Having an evolutionary perspective on life is important to help understand it and answer questions like “why” and “how”. I hope this makes you think and more importantly – ACT.

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