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Orexin, Low-Carb, and Grains.

Just some links today.

Wired magazine has a great article on sugar vs protein and how each make us either tired or energetic – WHY SUGAR MAKES UP SLEEPY (AND PROTEIN WAKES US UP)

  • The main focus is Orexin, a neuropeptide that helps regulates sleepiness and hunger, among others. Basically, if you have low orexin you will be tired and fat. If you have higher orexin, you will be more alert with less fat. Eating a meal of sugar drops Orexin function while a meal of protein increases Orexin function. Once again, sugar is a bad guy messing with out brains and bodies. If you have not learned yet – stay away from sugar. Every time you eat you are drugging yourself, os drug yourself according to the goals you want. Lazy, fat, and tired? Eat sugar and carbohydrates with a fear of cholesterol. Fit, healthy heart and brain? Low-carb, no sugar, high protein high fat.


Science Daily posted a worthwhile study on intermittent, low-carbohydrate diets being more effecting than standard low-calorie diets.

  • “It is interesting that the diet that only restricts carbohydrates but allows protein and fats is as effective as the calorie-restricted, low-carbohydrate diet,” Dr. Harvie
  • It should be clear now that to decrease stared fat on the human body, reducing carbohydrates works. There are many ways to loose weight, some healthy and others not. But a sure-fire was yo dropping those pounds and keeping them off is saying no to the carbohydrates.


THIS is a good review of Grains vs Veggies/Fruits. I have seen many reviews like this and the winner is always veggies and fruits. This article did fail to detail anti-nutrients and the poisonous grain proteins.


Lesson learned today?

  1. Stay away from sugar because it messes with our brains and hormones
  2. A low-carb diet keeps the pounds off and is more efficient than watching calories
  3. Grains are sicklycompared to veggies and fruits.


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