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Congress says Pizza is a Vegetable!


Well Congress is voting that it should be considered a vegetable for our children in public schools. This is a terrible way to fight the childhood obesity epidemic going on in our country right now. The last thing we need is sugar filled “tomato” sauce with “cheese” and enriched processed grain crust.


“We are outraged that Congress is seriously considering language that would effectively categorize pizza as a vegetable in the school lunch program,” Amy Dawson Taggart, the director of the group, said in a letter to members of Congress before the final plan was released. “It doesn’t take an advanced degree in nutrition to call this a national disgrace.”


The government has been wrong on all dietary and health regulations and recommendations. Don’t trust them with your child’s lunch! Pack their lunch.


This goes in hand with what we saw in Chicago, where schools are taking away lunches from children that the school think are not nutritious.¬† Would you want your child to have their yogurt and fruit replaced with a corn dog? Granted, yogurt isn’t the best idea. But The Government should not be telling you what to do! It is called freedom.

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