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Salt. Stop Worrying

Most people think one key action to be healthy is limiting salt. “Why?”, you may ask them. Their response is always the same, “Because salt raises blood pressure.”

This is what doctors have told them. This is what pseudo science has told the doctors. This is what corporations use to sell products.

Whats the truth?

You can read THIS article from The Scientific America or THIS research paper by Gary Taubes in the Journal of Science.

Or, take my word for it and stop worrying about salt. If you are eating low-carb, sans grains/legumes/dairy/sugar you will be fine and salt will never cause you problems because it was never the salt doing the damage. It was, and always has been, the amount of sugars and pro-inflammatory foods we over consume. And no, you don’t need any special salt from the Himalayas either.


As always, enjoy your food but understand it. Keep an eye out for all the quackery in science.

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