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Starve Cancer

THIS article, from the American Association of Cancer Research, touches on the subject of starving cancer cells and tumors of glucose, which would inhibit them form multiplying and may even kill them all together. Cancer cells require much more glucose than the brain and the application of that energy is different. If you were to stop glucose intake (zero-carb), in theory, you could starve the cancer/tumor.


Krystal said that tumor cells, unlike normal cells, need significantly more glucose to grow and thrive. Restricting carbohydrate intake can significantly limit blood glucose and insulin, a hormone that has been shown in many independent studies to promote tumor growth in both humans and mice.

Furthermore, a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet has the potential to both boost the ability of the immune system to kill cancer cells and prevent obesity, which leads to chronic inflammation and cancer.


Some companies are trying to make drugs that block the energy intake of these tumors. That would be nice, but what if the patient just stopped eating the sugar? Many times, these pills allow us to continue living the same lifestyle that lead to the cancer.How many times have you heard of (or know) someone who fought cancer and won but soon enough had cancer again? The pill may help but the only real change will be a lifestyle change. Put on your big-boy pants and stop eating cancer causing foods.

This is a very important subject and has been proven in multiple other studies. If you caught cancer/tumor growth in an early stage, what would you do? Would you continue to eat and live the same way, knowing that it was your lifestyle, not genetics, that created your cancer? Or, would you change your lifestyle and possibly eat a very low-carb diet in order to starve the tumor?

I hope you would take some time to think about that. This post has more meaning to it for me. A very close friend just passed away from battling cancer for many years. It hurts to watch people as they die, knowing there may be other ways to help.

Your lifestyle is what creates your diseases. Take some responsibility and don’t blame genetics, old age, or family history. Those three play a role but are only a small factor compared to what you do every day and what you eat every day. Your lifestyle and environment create your GENETIC EXPRESSION. Many people may have cancer in their genes but it never gets expressed. If you eat flour, wheat, sugar, high carb, and drink alcohol, with little sleep, you are turning on the genes for disease.
Cancer can be beat. Your medicine is the food you eat and the daily activities that produce a happy mind. Chemo isn’t the only option, and in many early cases of cancer it doesn’t even need to happen to stop cancer.

I know if I had cancer I would try a very-low-carb ketogenic diet, among other things, before chemo, and it wouldn’t ruin my life. I can’t get over the fact that so many people claim that changing what they eat would ruin their daily lives….sad life it is.


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