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Paleo Diet Is Last

Once again, a poorly researched news article has created quite a stir.

The article was published by the US News and ranks the top twenty healthiest diets, based on their parameters. The Paleo Diet ranks last…behind VEGANS.  Here is the list:

  1. DASH (3.9/5)
  2. Mediterranean (3.8/5)
  3. TLC (3.8/5)
  4. Weight Watchers (3.8/5)
  5. Mayo Clinic (3.7/5)
  6. Volumetrics (3.7/5)
  7. Jenny Craig (3.6/5)
  8. Ornish (3.5/5)
  9. Vegetarian (3.4/5)
  10. Slim-Fast (3.2/5)
  11. Nutrisystem (3.1/5)
  12. Vegan (3.0/5)
  13. South Beach (2.9/5)
  14. Eco-Atkins (2.8/5)
  15. Zone (2.8/5)
  16. Glycemic-Index (2.7/5)
  17. Medifast (2.7/5)
  18. Raw Food (2.4/5)
  19. Atkins (2.3/5)
  20. Paleo (2.0/5)

Obviously, there are many things wrong with this list of “healthy” diets. You can either take my word, that this list is hogwash or you can read a rebuttal by Dr. Loren Cordain HERE

Those that follow a Paleo diet are not starving themselves (vegans), creating stress by counting worthless calories (weight watchers and Jenny Craig), losing muscle mass and adding fatty tissue, confused about the role of grains in a human diet, increasing heart disease risk, or increasing diabetes.

Those that follow a Paleo diet ARE: reversing diabetes, losing fat and gaining muscle, decreasing cardiovascular risks, clearing up their skin, eating as much as they want when they want, reversing autoimmune disorders, and many many more awesome things.

“This just shows the dreadful state of diet science. Not yet a science.” – Art De Vany

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