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What a perfect word to name a farm of this caliber.

In Houston we have a new market that just opened up:

Revival Market



The Sunday (April 3, 2011) Houston Chronicle had a wonderful piece on the new market. You can read it HERE or view a slideshow HERE

I have followed Revival Meats for a while, since I love high quality pork. Revival Meats has served the Houston and surrounding area restaurants with superb pork. Now they have branched out to form their own part of the community – their own market. It is a grocery store + Coffer Bar + Butcher Shop all in one. Epic.

I ventured there Sunday mid-afternoon and it was everything I wanted it to be. Giant peices of cured pork hanging in the window is all you should need to know.

The market has “Market Fare” (sandwiches and other ready to eat meals), coffee and teas, breads, veggies, fruits, dairy, eggs, wine, honey, much much more, and everything is local. As a paleo practitioner all we will need is the eggs, veggies, fruit, and MEAT. They have more than pork but the MANGALISTA Pork is their signature type of pig. Revival Meats is the only farm in Texas that stocks Mangalista Pig. The Mangalista is perfect for us “paleo” folks as it is breed for its high fat content. This breed of pig is very big in other countries (China, Spain, etc) that are not afraid of fat, but here in the US it has become very rare although the big is coming back in favor.

I hope you visit this place at least once, you will not be disappointed.

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