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Pills, Pills, and More Pills

I have touched on this topic before but it is an important one:

There is nothing a pill can do that a change in lifestyle (diet and outlook on life) can’t do.

Lets start with a new diabetes drug about to hit the market. THIS pill is supposed to help those that are at a higher-risk of getting full-blown diabetes – or what the medical community refers to as PRE-DIABETES. The author describes this as a condition in which individuals have abnormally high glucose levels, but not yet high enough to be considered to have diabetes.

This means you have regularly consumed a diet that disrupts INSULIN and you probably don’t move around too much. By taking this drug you acknowledge your previous lifestyle is causing and accelerating diabetes and you are unwilling to change for the better. Instead, you choose a pill which will do nothing but add other ailments (side effects) to your life while forcing more money out of your pocket.

The long term studies have not been done either. In fact, the study for this pill was funded by the parent company – Takeda. If we guess what will happen from a historical perspective the USDA will release this drug into the public and let you be the long term testing.Read this well written and short article on why you DON”T WANT A PILL FOR DIABETES

You can take a huge risk and make a pill part of your daily life or change your lifestyle that leads to disease. I know it seems daunting but it is worth it. Take a look at THIS STUDY in the new England Journal of Medicine which compared lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) to a similar generic PRE-DIABETES pill:

The Pill, Metformin, created a 30% decrease in Diabetes but with side effects.

The Lifestyle Change created a 58% decrease in Diabetes without side effects.

You choose.

These Companies want to sell drugs, not health. The whole idea of a PRE-DIABETES pill is to cash in earlier instead of waiting for your full-blown DIABETES. You are handing them money and adding more problems to your life. Cut out the middle man and eat a low-carb paleo diet, give money to honest farmers, sleep well, and feel better.

Lipitor and Statins:

I won’t go into too much detail here. Just try to wrap your head around the fact Cholesterol Lowering drugs are a scam and hurt much more than help. There is very little evidence the drugs work. Dr. Kurt Harris helps shed light on the truth about statins and their abundant misinformation feed to the general public. Also, cholesterol does not CAUSE heart disease. What causes heart disease? Excess sugar, grains, and carbohydrates change the lipoproteins into a bad guy. Basically the cholesterol and saturated fats are being framed by sugar and grains. Stay off the sugar and grains and never worry about cholesterol.

Vitamin D is another big one:

No one know exactly how much vitamin D you need. The amount you are supposed to take change every year. Yes, people are vitamin D deficient. But you don’t need to swallow mountains of pills to change it. In fact, most studies show taking pills doesn’t change much at all. You get Vitamin D from turning cholesterol into Vitamin D through sun exposure on the skin. Take your shirt off and stand in the sun. WITHOUT SUN SCREEN. Don’t get burned, just soak it up. That may be why those on statins are severely deficient in Vitamin D. You need Cholesterol to utilize vitamin D, among countless other processes withing the body.

Vitamin D


Read this great article in Psychology Today about the toxicity of Tylenol and the WAR ON DRUGS. Basically, taking Tylenol (more specifically: acetaminophen) runs your liver into the ground.



Take a step back and look at the pill and medicine consumption in America. Do you notice the overwhelming prevalence of pill poppers? Do you think it is necessary? What pills or medicine do you think is necessary?


  1. Sue
    December 21, 2011 at 12:06 am

    I think you are doing a awesome job here thanks so much for the solid information.

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