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Gorillas and YOU

What would happen if Gorillas were put on a “western” diet? Then taken off it to eat their natural diet? Read it HERE

Or just understand the gist: Gorillas, being taken from their natural habitat and fed a diet high in sugar develop fatty backs, attention and mood disorders, heart disease, and diabetes. Sounds like humans too. Once the sugar diet was cut and they were fed their NATURAL diet the diseases and symptoms went away. So moving from sugar and starch to vegetables (which they are evolved and designed to eat) helped keep them alive and in better spirits. Hmmm, I wonder if you take humans off a diet of sugar and grains and instead eat grass-fed meats, we too would lose some of these “western” diseases?

What do you think?

and watch this:

If you do not put much weight into Rat/Mice studies then here is the proof in Gorillas. And if that is not enough, look at your fellow Homo sapiens. They all have diabetes and heart disease. We are not separated from nature. There is no benefit from eating Doritos or drinking Coke or Sugar in general. Stay away from the sugars folks. Just because you can eat sugar doesn’t mean you should. Don’t worry if everyone else is doing it, everyone else is diseased…

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