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The Right to Food

I understand that many people don’t think about what they eat or where it came from. That needs to change. Our food culture is about to be taken over by the Government and Big Business.

A recent article in the HOUSTON PRESS explained some of the nonsense that is going on within the local food world. Right now FOOD BUSINESS is trying to regulate what and where we can eat more and more. No more easy Sunday bake sales, baked goods from the comfort of your home to another, or any home made foods at farmers markets. This is getting out of hand. Not only must you comply with insurance, certified kitchens (bullshit!), regulations, and paying for permits and licenses, but you are being forced out of business by agencies that promote big business rather than sense and health.

But wait, don’t we need regulations to keep us safe? No. the regulations we NEED are very small and wouldn’t need to interfere with our freedoms. Say, to sell a cookie from your kitchen. How about using our brains instead of the government? I don’t want to sound rude, but if you are weary of a cookie from a certain place then don’t eat it. It is up to you, but don’t get mad and ruin it for everyone.

The companies and corporations want regulation to dominate the market and stamp out local food providers like farmers markets. These regulations are making it almost impossible for a local farmer to compete with big AGRI-Business. Farmers markets are getting a lot of attention from government agencies and consumers. The consumers are realizing they don’t trust the big companies that create the food born illnesses and breakouts (think e-coli) and the local farmers provide a product that is far better than anything in a store without the risk of getting sick. On the other hand, the government is seeing an under-regulated market. And who is the government? Corporations and interest groups. What is their interest? A bigger market share and less competition.

Yes, the meat, spinach, peanut butter, and other food recalls are because of the centralization of these foods and how they are raised based off the current regulations and laws. It is the local farmer that creates less fuss. Local farmers allow you, even want you,to come to their farm and show you what they do. You get to DECIDE who produces your food. In the supermarket all you get is a phony advertisement like “Natural” or “cage free” which are both worthless words. Don’t want to worry about food contamination? KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM. Cows shouldn’t eat corn/wheat/caffeine/chocolate/etc. They should eat Grass. Cows shouldn’t stand in their own poop and stand so close to one another. They should roam the grassland. The way your food get contaminated is because it all comes from the same place and has to travel large distances.

SO why all the regulations? Ever since Jungle by Upton Sinclair the food regulations in this country have been getting out of hand. And like most government agencies the FDA served a good purpose for a short period of time and  now is a monster and worthless. Did we need regulations back then. Yes. Do we need the freedom of choice and business taken away today? no. The more regulations the government creates the more they are attacking your ability to make choices. Don’t let the government make choices for you, create your own world through your own EDUCATED choices.

There is much more to this story and i urge you to read IN DEFENSE OF FOOD by Michael Pollan to understand better. Although Pollan doesn’t know about nutrition, he knows the history or food in America better than anyone.

TO understand the uphill battle and many fights a local farmer must go through to produce a GRASS-FED Cow and honestly raised pigs and chickens please read a short book by Joel Salatin called EVERYTHING I WANT TO DO IS ILLEGAL

Once again I am giving you the ability to educate yourself and you get to make the choice.

This video is very educational and i urge you to watch this to understand where our food culture has come from:

Joel Salatin dropping knowledge:

You can even watch The FUTURE OF FOOD for free via HULU.om

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