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Yoga Still has is Wrong

Like all magazines the main topics get recycled and reoccur. Think, “Top Ten Sex Tips” or “What men Really Want” or “5Health Tips”. This time The Yoga Journal is at is again. This magazine comes to our house because my mother is a yoga Jedi. I also like yoga and practice flexibility and MOBILITY often. However, the YOGA COMMUNITY has their diet TWISTED.

Every month there is a “tip” for a healthier you. The resounding campaign? Low-Fat, Whole Grains, Raw, Vegetarian, Skim Milk, or even VEGAN. This month is focused on Heart Health.

The article gets a few things right: Get Rid of Your Stress, Stay Away from Negative People, Sleep, and Exercise (you can guess which type of exercise they recommend).

What they get WRONG: Low-Fat, Vegetarian, Raw, Skim Milk, SOY PROTEIN, SOY MILK, and Legumes. They are selling A RAW DEAL….ok that was too easy. Their evidence comes from an MD by the name of Ornish Esselstyn. This guy is on the Yoga Journal Advisory Board and has his own non profit – Preventive Medicine. I love doctors that focus on preventative medicine and not shoveling pills and patches to people. Dr. Esselstyn even advocates
staying away from Statins and Blood Thinners and focusing on LIFESTYLE CHANGES. I wonder how receptive he may be to the wide research available on a GRAIN FREE, LEGUME FREE, DAIRY FREE, Paleo diet? We know Whole Grains are not healthy, especially for the heart. Whole Grains raise your blood sugar higher than a snickers (though don’t eat a snickers). Also, the gut irritation, Omega-6 concentration, anti-nutrients, hormone disruption, you know the story…. The Low-Fat Vegetarian/Vegan diet promotes starvation. How? Because you will always be hungry. Carbs make you hungry. Fat+Protein enables you to skip meals easily without any hormonal highs or lows. Low-Fat Vegetarian/Vegan diets are not for longevity or health. Will YOGA JOURNAL ever change their mind? Will They ever publish something advocating a low-carb, moderate fat and protein diet, no grains, no soy? Lets ask! I will post the emails if they ever show up.

In conclusion – practice your yoga and keep your body limber. But eat your grass-fed meat + don’t eat your grains/soy/legumes = you will be even more flexible and active.


McCall, Timothy. “Heart Health Guide.” Straight to The Heart 1 Feb. 2011: 47-50. Yoga Journal.
Web. 31 Dec. 2010.

Dr. William Davis

Dr. Stephan Guyenet

Dr. Chris Masterjohn

Dr. Briffa

Dr. Kurt G Harris

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