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Houston Half Marathon 2011

Like always the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon are a well attended event. It is one of the highest attended marathons in America. Why?

  1. Because it is a flat course and people like to come here to PR and get into Boston.
  2. For this time of year (January) the weather is not freezing cold
  3. It is a very well organized event
  4. Houston is one of the largest cities in America

How was this year?

Personally I was planning on running it barefoot. However, the rain makes the skin of the feet weak and so I wore Vibram Five-Fingers. I can not go into a race this well attended hoping to do well or PR. Why? Because there are so many people you spend your time dodging people and not keeping a solid pace.

I decided to run it to help an organization I love – Neuhaus Education

The local meetup group for minimal/barefoot running had a good turnout as well.

Check out our video by ABC13:


I think they did a solid job of explaining the minimal movement. Well done ABC.

This was the last year I do the Houston Event because I am finding to dislike running on roads and concrete more and more and prefer trails and actual texture on the path.

Congratulations to everyone who finished and competed. It is a great accomplishment to finish the 5K, Half, or Full Marathon.

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