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Headline and Common Sense

I wanted to take a quick second to address an issue with common sense and journalism.

Many times headlines will be provoking and descriptive enough for people to not read the article or ask questions. That is wrong. You get in trouble by thinking or saying “see, cavemen did eat grains…” The authors are usually not interested in the content or reasoning as much as the shock factor and making good ratings. Do not fall into a headline reader!

One, of many, problems with some people (scientists mainly) is the NEED for a study or evidence when simple common sense and reasoning will do the job. Lets use these current articles:

Obesity and Smoking Contribute to Lagging US Lifespan.

  • really? You need a study or article to tell you that? Lets see what word doesn’t belong in this string: Obesity Smoking Death Longevity. If for one second you think that smoking and obesity may not contribute to disease and a more painful existence you should go back to kindergarten and learn how to put the square block in the square opening and the circle in the circle.

Taco Bell is only 35% Meat.

  • Someone actaully convincd themselves taco bell meat is meat. wow. I think I realized it wasn’t real meat the first time I ate it. Lets use our brains – with the amount of product they have to product as quickly as they do, do you really think they want the cost and trouble of 100% beef? Their product isn’t health and quality food. It is cheap stuff to shut up your carbohydrate cravings for one more hour. If only 35% is meat, what is the other? “the remaining 65 percent containing water, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent and modified corn starch.” Shocker. That is what is in every fast food meal. They are called fillers and food science. Not the science to make you healthier but the science to find out what makes this crap taste good and become addicting. Grow up. Fast “food” is not food. You would do better by fasting than eating fast “food”.


How about Fads?

Every year there is a new “miracle” pill or supplement to cure either aging or obesity (or both). Do you really think there is a short cut to longevity and health? Multi-vitamins are a scam and the epitomy of lazy people. No pill will fix anything. Check this out:

Antioxidants Don’t Work

  • yes we have free radicals and oxidative damage. However, the thought that pumping mass amounts of antioxidants into your system will cure that is stupid. Flat out stupid. Don’t buy into these scams or products that as quick fixes. You should not have needed a new study or article to convince yourself of the mirage of antioxidants, acai juice, or reservatol.


Desperate People:

Many will Read “WARMER HOUSES MAY INCREASE OBESITY” as “I NEED TO TURN DOWN MY HEAT TO LOSE WEIGHT”. WRONG! This is just another example of headline confusion. There is not doubt that being cold makes your lose weight faster than being warm. You could be like Tim Ferris and take Ice Baths to loose weight (i don’t recommend) or you can stop eating what is actually making you fat – CARBS.


OK Class, what did we learn today? Right. Don’t believe fads, pills, or headlines, and think about things before you say them.

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